November 14, 2010

Week 34: Fall Season

It took a little while, but North Carolina finally got fall season into gear. This area usually takes a few extra weeks catch up with the mountains in western part of the state to reach the peak of fall foliage. This week the autumn colors were on full blast around the neighborhood so we're making sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

Our Hokies played an important game against UNC this weekend in Chapel Hill and came out on top with a 26-10 victory [our eighth win in a row]. Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it to the game despite it being in the next town over. We signed up for labor & delivery classes at WakeMed in Cary [AKA Western Wake / "Little" Wake], the hospital where Ezra will be born in a few short weeks. The classes were informative and eye opening to say the least.

Our friends, Jamie and Jennifer [sisters] hosted our church baby shower today at Good Hope, and we'd like to thank them very much for putting it together. We don't have any pictures from it, and in fact, not many pictures in general this week.

As promised, here are better pictures of the loft bookshelves. We put up what's left of our books after making a clean sweep of the house. The units are raised up above the base boards and are mounted permanently to the wall. In fact, the backs of the shelves are just white paint on the drywall; you can actually see that in last week's post. Between the bookshelves is a window seat that doubles as a storage chest [toy box], and Jessica will be making a cushion for it in the upcoming weeks. The lower bookshelves will eventually have baskets for more storage. Lastly, above the window is also a top piece that spans horizontally and ties the shelves together. Hopefully, the pictures give a better idea of their size and proportion to the room. Not long from now, we will get furniture and turn the space into a mini family room.

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