March 2, 2012

The End

It all started nearly two years ago as a way for Jessica and I to announce that we were expecting our first child. Singer Way was created so that we could keep our friends and family updated on Jessica's pregnancy and Ezra's first year of life.

Earlier in 2011, I left a good career at IBM after having been offered a great opportunity to work for a smaller biotechnology company--from over 400,000 employees to 7,000. The new job catapulted me professionally, and I learned immensely about how to and, more importantly, how not to run an organization. From a financial perspective, it also let Jessica stay at home with Ezra. Those blessings came at a price; a giant leap in responsibilities and a dynamic business environment (to say it politely) led to more time at work and less time at home with my family.

And then, out of nowhere, another incredible job opportunity surfaced. By providence, not coincidence. After prayerful consideration and countless discussions with Jessica, we made a family decision that was both difficult and easy at the same time. I interviewed for the job, was given an offer, accepted it, and...


It's no surprise to immediate family, close friends, and those following along on Facebook, but we have officially moved to Virginia on February 25th. This new job opportunity was another professional promotion, but at the same time I am now able to work for a type of company that is a rarity today: profitable and growing with a culture that still believes that "there's life outside of work."

The decision to relocate is truly bittersweet. Cary, NC is where we planted our roots. It's where we built our first house, where I carried my bride over the threshold. It's where we brought home our first child. It's where Ezra spent the first year of his life. It's where my mother now lives. Good Hope Baptist Church became our second home and the place we met dear friends for life.

Why end Singer Way? I think it's fitting that it started with Ezra and ends with his first birthday, and it will now now serve as his digital photo album.

What does this all mean in the long term? We're not sure yet, but we like where it's headed. I'm thinking of starting a new project soon.

Thank you to all for your love and support.

Justin, Jessica, and Ezra

January 22, 2012

Ezra's First Birthday

At long last, pictures from Ezra's birthday party. These are a combination of shots taken by my brother and cousin. Thank you to everyone for sharing this proud day with us.


Friends & Family

Cake Time

Birthday Boy