March 26, 2011

Three Months (Home)

A few things to report. Ezra has had a pretty rough week since we came back from Vermont, and it's because of a combination of these reasons: 1) he's still adjusting to being completely thrown of schedule, 2) he has itchy infant eczema thanks to me, my mom, and Jered, and 3) we're pretty sure he's teething. Evidence for point three? He's fussy, drooling, and chewing on everything he can get in his mouth. We feel bad for him.

The pictures make it seem like he's always happy, but he has a lot more rough bouts than anything right now. We just capitalize on happy play time. Parenting is tougher than anything we've done before. Love this kid.

March 24, 2011

Three Months (Vermont Wedding)

Did you know Vermont still has a lot of snow on the ground at the end of March? A ton of snow. And it's still cold.

Jessica's sister, Megan (also known as Ezra's "OBRA" -- only-blood-related-aunt), got married at the beautiful Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, VT. Congrats to newlyweds Pierson and Megan! We took our first trip out of town to Vermont by plane which included a layover in Boston and a 9-seat plane to Rutland, VT, the neighboring town from our final destination. By the way, the 9th seat on the tiny Cessna 402 is the co-pilot seat which can be sat in by any one of the passengers if desired. I learned quickly that traveling with a kid is no easy task, nearly impossible to do alone.

The wedding was also the first time Ezra met Jessica's entire extended family. I had the job of taking pictures at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and the bridesmaid salon session. Jessica was the matron of honor, so I had Ezra during the actual wedding ceremony where we watched from indoors in the warmth. Four days home, and we're still recovering from the trip and adjusting back to our normal routine.

Rehearsal & Dinner


[Oh, technology.]

March 6, 2011

Ten Weeks

A rainy, overcast Sunday doesn't make for great lighting, but it gave us the down time to bring out the camera. Happy Sunday. We hope you're spending it in the arms of loved ones. Have a blessed week.