About Us

Who are we?
We're Justin and Jessica, est. July 12, 2008. We are husband and wife above all else, and our marriage is anchored firmly by Christ, our Savior. We also base our marriage on the 100/0 Principle:  We each put in 100% into the relationship and expect nothing (0%) in return. In other words, we believe that selflessness is absolutely essential. Because with selflessness comes humility, patience, time, romance, and devotion.

Our home is located in Morrisville, NC, right in the center of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, and we are members of a wonderful church called Good Hope Baptist down the road in Cary. We plan to stay in this area indefinitely because it is the perfect place for us to grow our family though Blacksburg is constantly calling us.

Hometown: Southeast VA
M.O.: Former IBMer turned bioMerieux-er?, Hokie, and BBQ connoisseur
Favs: Jessica, North Carolina, guns/ammo, country and bluegrass, taking my sweet precious time doing anything, sweet tea
Peevs: Tardiness, Taylor Swift

Hometown: Central PA
M.O.: Teaching young minds, stay-at-home mom
Favs: Playing house, Christmas, the fall season
Peevs: People not using their turn signals

Where did y'all meet?
In the Blue Ridge mountains of southwest Virginia, there's a great little town called Blacksburg where the combination of maroon and orange is fashionably acceptable--encouraged, really. During the fall of 2005, we met at Virginia Tech through our respective roommates' birthday celebration held at the [inexplicably] popular Mexican restaurant affectionately named, El Rod's. The aroma of tortilla chips and queso dip floated in the air. We sat next to each other, and the rest is history.

Why did you get married in Charleston, SC?
Why not? It's a beautiful city, simple as that. Oh, and I proposed on this swing (that's one of our engagement pictures) -->