October 31, 2010

Week 32: Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone. In our first week staying home, we spent our time on a little yard work and fall cleaning. We really needed a nice break as Jessica has entered the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. She's not sleeping that well at night and neither are the folks on other side of the bed [read: I'm not complaining].

One year from now, we'll be dressing Ezra up in his first Halloween costume. Until then, we're just "those people" who dress up their pets. Charlie was a spiderdog. True to form, our great neighborhood had a Halloween block party. Check out the pictures.

House Pics & Nursery Updates

[Front porch view]

[This kid already has too much stuff]

Neighborhood Block Party

[Mr. Sutter B]

[Just like her dad]

[Note: they were the "black eyed P's"]

October 24, 2010

Week 31: Virginia Beach, VA (Baby Shower)

As reported last week, we made our final trip away from home. This weekend, we headed to Virginia Beach for Justin's uncle's wedding (see previous post) and for another baby shower planned for us. The house was decorated beautifully for the event. We want to thank Althea, Josie, and Thea for their time and effort in planning the shower for us and Ezra.

Coming soon, we'll have a few nursery picture updates to show the work done while Justin was in San Francisco [post] during the week for work.

*Hokie Football Update: Virginia Tech pounded Duke in a 44-7 victory.

Boomerang Action

Baby Shower