October 31, 2010

Week 32: Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone. In our first week staying home, we spent our time on a little yard work and fall cleaning. We really needed a nice break as Jessica has entered the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. She's not sleeping that well at night and neither are the folks on other side of the bed [read: I'm not complaining].

One year from now, we'll be dressing Ezra up in his first Halloween costume. Until then, we're just "those people" who dress up their pets. Charlie was a spiderdog. True to form, our great neighborhood had a Halloween block party. Check out the pictures.

House Pics & Nursery Updates

[Front porch view]

[This kid already has too much stuff]

Neighborhood Block Party

[Mr. Sutter B]

[Just like her dad]

[Note: they were the "black eyed P's"]

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