October 17, 2010

Week 30: Home, Nursery, Hokies Dominate

It's been 30 weeks already?? Maybe documenting the pregnancy has made it seem to go faster. As our countdown of weeks dwindles down into the single digits, excitement [laced with a tiny bit of panic] is settling in.

In other news, Virginia Tech football is starting to feel more normal again. Our Hokies racked up 49 points in the first half and ended with a 52-21 rout over Wake Forest for a homecoming weekend victory. We wish we could have been there.

Instead, we spent the weekend getting much needed housework done. The tri-blend, tall fescue grass seed we picked up at Family Home & Garden in Apex worked like a charm, and the yard finally looks presentable for the first time since the spring. Crown molding was installed in the nursery and the guest bedroom. We want to thank Anthony (Justin's friend at work) for spending a big part of his Saturday by coming over to help put it up. Many more man hours will be needed in the upcoming weeks to fill, sand, caulk, and paint the trim.

A little bit more progress has been made on setting up the nursery since the last picture updates. We've added a dresser [already filled with clothes], a glider chair, and a rug. Up next we have a changing table, curtains, crib bumper, wall decorations, and then we just might be finished. Here's how it ended up so far.

Nursery Updates



  1. Love the way the nursery looks! I met Eric (your neighbor - 5 doors down?) today and the annual HOA meeting. We were just walking by the clubhouse when he stepped out of the meeting. Hope you guys have been able to get plenty of sleep!

  2. When I saw the picture of you two sitting in that rocker I thought of all the time you will spend in it soon, especially in the middle of the night! :-)