November 8, 2010


In case you may have forgotten, our due date is December 26th. It's quite possibly the most common question both of us get. By far, the most common reply in response to our due date is, "Oh! A Christmas baby!" or "Oh that's right, a Christmas baby." While all we really care about is having a healthy Ezra, December 26th is not our first choice of due dates.

In a very short 7 weeks [maybe sooner], our little boy will be here. Nesting and remaining projects at home have a target completion date of Thanksgiving weekend. A trip to the fire station down the street to install the car seat is in order too. Maybe at that point everything will feel all too real.

At the moment, we're feeling an odd mix of anxiousness, happiness, worry, excitement, and a drizzling of panic. Something tells me those feelings won't really go away once he gets here.

So, why post a picture of a bag of flour and a pineapple? That's about how big Ezra is right now. At 33 weeks and 1 day, he is approximately 19-22 inches long [but currently curled up] and about 5 pounds. His only job for the next few weeks is to pack on the pudge. Coincidentally, we'll probably end up doing the same thing as the holidays get here.

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