July 25, 2010

Week 18: Low Country NC

Here's this week's shot. We waited until a little too late in the day this week so the lighting situation was a little iffy and lead to a blurry picture. I'll make up for it next week.

This weekend, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit. With the heat index at 110° on Saturday, we took a day trip to the coast. Earlier in June we posted pictures from our trip to the high country (Boone & Blowing Rock), but now we're shifting it to the opposite end of the state with shots from our visit to the low country.

In the mad dash to leave the house on time, I forgot my camera. Thanks to my baby brother, Jered, for being prepared and covering for me. Here are pictures from New Bern (North Carolina's oldest city) and beautiful Emerald Isle.

[She can still rock the two-piece]

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