July 26, 2010

It's a Boy

It's official. We're having a baby boy. Despite Jessica's recent dream where we were having a girl, we still suspected we'd have a boy. We, along with Jessica's mom, have been thinking boy since day one.

Jessica's second grade class took a "very serious and official" sealed ballot poll on Friday with the consensus being a girl. Surprisingly, Pastor Keith, who has a nearly flawless record, thought we were having a girl. Justin's mom and brother were guessing a girl. Not quite yet.

"So what's the name?" you're probably wondering. "Are you guys telling people yet?" Yes, we are. We had both boy and girl names decided a few years ago soon after we got married [which included multiple vetoes], so we're not changing our minds and no one else is going to either.

Here it is: Ezra James, named after the Old Testament prophet.


  1. YAY!!! I am soo excited! AND I LOVE the name :)

  2. Thanks guys. Not everyone has been in love with the name like us, but obviously we don't care.

    Ashley, I'm following your blog now!