June 16, 2011

Florida Gulf

Not long after our vacation to Beaufort, we landed in Florida. Around the time we got married, Jessica's parents found a vacation home on the gulf coast in Estero, a city located between Fort Myers and Naples. Instead of trying to brave a 12-hour drive down and back with Ezra, we found affordable plane tickets through Allegiant Air (out of Greensboro, NC into Punta Gorda, FL).

It was supposed to be much easier with a 1 hour and 30 minute, non-stop flight, but it just never works that way. A malfunctioning temperature sensor on our MD-80 kept us stranded at the airport for over seven hours with a five month old to entertain. Eventually, we made it in town safely and began a very peaceful week.

Update: Ezra cut two teeth (bottom row) this week. The little boy is growing up.

Pool Time

Doc's Beach House for Dinner


  1. beautiful scenery, beautiful family!

  2. Thanks! Congrats on becoming a stay-at-home mom. So happy for you guys.