June 7, 2011

Beautiful Beaufort (NC)

With a long Memorial Day weekend in front of us, we rested on the couch that Saturday afternoon with no plans in sight for the first time in ages. The television came to a rest on a random news channel, and the first news story grabbed our attention: an anchor from Blackbeard's ship was just discovered off the coast of Beaufort, NC. Read the article here.

We love North Carolina low country. The following, short conversation ensued:

Jessica:  "Let's go there."
Justin:  "When?"
Jessica:  "Now."
Justin:  "Okay."
Jessica:  "Really?"

By nothing short of a miracle from God, we found a low-priced, baby-friendly, and pet-friendly bed & breakfast in Beaufort. AND they had one more room available that night. On Memorial Day weekend no less. Within an hour, we were packed and headed east.

Our time there was short, but it was just what we needed. On a side note, going on vacation with a baby definitely isn't easy.

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