April 10, 2011

Three and a Half Months + iPhone Favorites

Oh, spring.

Fair weather, pollen, itchy eyes, and walks around the neighborhood. A miserable quarter close at work is in the rear view mirror. A round of golf at Finley Golf Course with friends [UNC School of Medicine Charity Golf Classic benefiting the North Carolina Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation]. Thank you, Greg.

Since the last post, Ezra's eczema spread from patches here and there to covering his arms, legs, chest, and head. Thankfully, we're seeing signs that it is starting to clear up a bit. Over the last few weeks he has gotten stronger and more playful. Last week the doctor weighed him in at a bruising 16 pounds, 11 ounces. At three and a half months, Ezra is wearing 6 month clothes.

Here are a few pictures of our afternoon walk today. Thank you Michael & Sarah for the Ergo baby carrier. We love it.

iPhone Uploads, a random collection of pictures over the past month from both of our phones. 

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