February 10, 2011

Six / Seven Weeks

Today, Ezra is almost seven weeks old. Already.

Two weekends ago, Ezra's great grandparents (Jessica's dad's parents) came down from New York to visit. Last weekend, Miss Liz came from Richmond. I forgot to take pictures. This week, his great grandma (Jessica's mom's mom AKA "Just Grandma") also came from New York to visit too, and I completely forgot to take pictures again. It has been a long week at work. We will make up for lost pictures at Megan's wedding in Vermont next month at the least.

Over the last few weeks Ezra has gotten increasingly alert and vocal, seemingly more content between feedings, and we're pretty sure he's on the verge of smiling. Every once in a while, we are confident he sneaks a little smile when we're playing with him. Ezra has long since outgrown his newborn clothes. His 0-3 month clothes are snug, and he's even in a few 3 month clothes.

If you haven't seen him in a while (or at all), come down and visit soon. He's growing up fast.

Great Grandpa & Grandma C

Keegan Boy

Ed "The Legend"

Making Faces with Mama

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