February 25, 2011

Love, Your Inaanak

Two years ago my family, immediate and extended, lost someone great. She was affectionately and undeniably known as the most gracious host among us.

Food was her forte. There was no way avoiding having a plate (or two or three) fixed for you while you were in her house. The biggest mistake any one could make was to eat too soon before visiting. In my memories I can still hear her say so often in my childhood, "My babies, eat eat. Let me get you some food." Her home was always lovely, comfortable, and welcoming as was her personality. Her husband, daughter, son, equally.

She was my Godmother. I called her "ninang" Nenette, and that made me her inaanak (Godchild). For too long she battled cancer. She fought relentlessly and inspired everyone around her with her endless love and positive attitude.

This is the couple and family that Jessica and I admire. Outward, unconditional love between a husband and wife. Care and affection for their children. A daughter and son any parent would be proud of. For our wedding in the summer of 2008, we couldn't think of anyone else to be our sponsor family. With our wedding over seven hours away in Charleston (in the middle of July), we almost didn't even ask.

The pictures in this post are from our wedding. It meant the world to us for them to come.

We miss you.

Your Inaanak

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