September 5, 2010

Week 24: Blacksburg, VA


Greetings friends and family. It is now week 24 of our pregnancy, and it's filled with all kinds of travel. This weekend Jessica flew up to NY for her sister's bridal shower then drove back down to VA with her mom. Justin drove up to Blacksburg a few days early just to hang out.

Football season is here, and our #10 Hokies have a TOUGH test against #3 Boise State tonight. There's nothing that makes it feel more like football season than a trip to Blacksburg in the fall. Here are pictures from our favorite place on earth.

Off of Blacksburg Road (toward Catawba, VA)

On Campus

[Burruss Hall & April 16th Memorial]

[Click here to read more about this hero]

[Virginia Tech Motto: Ut Prosim ("That I May Serve")]

Canedy Family Neighborhood Views

[Charlie loves it here]

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