August 29, 2010

Week 23: Nursery Progress

Welcome to the 23rd week of our pregnancy. Ezra is kicking hard all day, all the time, especially after meals and at our bedtime. We were able to stay at home for another weekend and get more done around the house. Jessica will be flying up to New York for her sister's bridal shower on Friday then driving down to Blacksburg with her mom on Sunday. For the first time in a long time (too long) we will be able to get back to Blacksburg, our home away from home.

A little bit more progress was made on the nursery (first coat on) and the stair wall (primer). Also, one of our neighbors rented a power rake / dethatcher, a behemoth of a machine similar to an aerator, that we were able to put to good use on our weed infested lawn. You can see the carnage in the last few pictures below.

Nursery Updates

Joys of Home Ownership

[Jessica & Lola (grandma)]

[Chopped up]

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