October 31, 2011

Ten Months

This kid constantly hams it up. I don't know how else to describe it. We're convinced he's going to be that kid in school who the teachers love and hate at the same time. You know, the one who lacks the ability to sit still and disrupts the class with ridiculous comments, but even makes the teacher hold in a laugh.

We took a few pictures outside yesterday while playing around on the street. Ezra has been standing up and using his walker toy for weeks now, but last night he officially took several unassisted steps. I'm excited to see my little boy grow up in front of my eyes, but I'm sad to see him do it so quickly. His first birthday is already less than two months away, believe it or not.

Developmental updates for family:
  • Waves hello and goodbye
  • Babbles and makes noises to get your attention
  • Stands up easily and takes a few steps
  • Interacts with Charlie
  • Learned how to drink from a straw
  • Scans books and pictures with his eyes
  • Opens and closes boxes and drawers
  • Climbs on everything, including up the stairs
  • Sleeps 11 hours at night (praise the Lord)


  1. 11 hours a night. So jealous. What's your secret?

  2. A strict routine/schedule! Not convenient but totally effective.

  3. The last few pics on my homecoming post were taken on route 42, the road you take to John's parents house in Craig County.