December 6, 2010

Week 37: Full Term

Ezra is officially full term now at 37 weeks so it's just a waiting game at this point. We're excited for his arrival, and it could really happen at any point now. We took it easy this week and continued to stay at home. Unfortunately, that means less [interesting] pictures for the blog than usual.

On Saturday, we got a special visit from Justin's best friend, Steve, who was in the Raleigh area for a few days. He brought snow with him. Charlie enjoyed it.

In other news...

Meet your 2010 ACC Champions! Our Hokies played a fantastic championship game [44-33] against Florida State on Saturday. The championship was held only two and a half hours down the road Charlotte, but considering how far along Jessica is in pregnancy and how cold and rainy it was at the game, it was a good idea to stay at home to watch the game.

The season started out shaky, but we can't be more proud of our boys for pulling off a 12th win in a row which includes an undefeated conference season, conference championship, and extends the longest streak in the nation for 10+ win seasons (7 in a row).

Only one more game left, and that's the Orange Bowl in Miami on January 3rd against Stanford. Over the last four years we've watched Tyrod Taylor grow from a young buck into a solid leader. We'll certainly miss him.

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