June 15, 2010

Week 12: It's Baby Time

That's right, you heard us. We're going to have a baby. It's on Facebook so it must be official.

Check out mama, fresh from a visit to the neighborhood pool, proudly holding up a snap from yesterday's ultrasound. The nausea is almost gone, energy is picking back up, and it's finally time to tell the world our wonderful news.

Jessica is just over 12 weeks pregnant. If you can do math quickly, that puts the baby due on December 26th. We're very, very excited.

Jessica: "Aw, poor kid will end up getting birthday/Christmas combo gifts every year."
Justin: "Yes! Standard deduction...come ooooonnnnn 2010 delivery."

Boy or girl? Not sure yet. We have names in mind. Maybe we'll share them soon. If family histories play any part in whether or not we have a boy or a girl, then chances are we'll have a boy. Justin has one brother, a bus load of boy cousins, and only one girl cousin...11:1. Jessica's side has a 3 boys, 5 girls.

We'll find out officially in six weeks.


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! - Lindsay

  2. Love your blog! One day I am going to get in gear and actually do one for our little family! Hugs to you both :)